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The Abundant Leadership Experience
Nov 1.2.3. '19
Lake Las Vegas

The Abundant Leadership Experience
Discover The Mindset All Leaders Must Cultivate to...

  • Become #1 in Sales Performance
  • ​Lead and Develop a Team of Leaders
  • ​Co-Create an Abundant Leadership Culture at all levels in your Organization
  • ​Prepare yourself, team, and company for the Future of (Sales) Leadership
Without Sacrificing your Vision, Heart or Mission ... Even if you don't know what that is yet.  
A Transformational
& Immersive Experience
A Transformational & Immersive, 3 Day Experience exploring your pathway to transformational sales results, integrating balance and fulfillment, while exploring the possibility of your impact.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
25 Spaces Available, By Application Only
Whether you are:
On the Front Line 
Consistently Performing in the Top of your Peer Group. A Leader who isn’t in a leadership positionyet.  
Mastering what it takes to Build and Lead High Performing Teams while cultivating future leaders. 
Executing the Vision
Facilitating Strategy, Direction, Vision and Performance; while building the Culture your org needs to succeed
We Invite You: 
To participate in a Transformational Experience with some of the leading Sales Professionals, Directors, and Executives in the World.

An Experience that connects you to other Leaders who are asking questions like...
What will it take to align all levels of our organization?
How can I possibly make more time for my own growth when I feel like I never have enough right now, especially for the people who matter most?
I know my team is capable of more, how can I help them be at their best? 
As a proven Top Performer, what does it take to consistently push my edge to the next level?
“How do I deal with Millennial Entitlement as a Leader?”
“What is required to accomplish the vision that matters most to me? 
Does this sound familiar? 
You’ve attended countless trainings and seminars, sacrificed countless moments, and have worked tirelessly for years to achieve what your friends and family consider to be an extremely successful career…

You feel pretty good, and you remember to pat yourself on the back for the security you’ve created for you and your family.
But, something is missing and that call is not going away… 

Regardless of the promotions and achievements, the house, car, or even welcoming a new member to your family, you still can’t seem to shake that daunting reality that you want more.

It’s a scary feeling to be “Established” but secretly uncertain… not knowing what’s next…

Feeling like it’s too late to build the same momentum that propelled you throughout the early stages of your career.

You have obsessed about overrated accomplishments for years… the ones that call for sleepless nights, missed soccer practices, dance recitals, and time with your loved ones… 

The kind of wins that feel epic at the office, but it’s not long before you’re left feeling unfulfilled and empty.

And worst of all, you are realizing that you can’t get that time back.
In fact, let me know if this sounds like you:
  • You became successful rather quickly but it doesn’t feel how you had hoped
  • You’re beginning to hit a plateau in your life / career but you know there's another level
  • You know there is much more money to be made, and yet, you can sense that there’s something else more important, and it’s missing
  • ​You have been curious about meditation, experiences, and cultures that can expand your self-awareness
  • ​You sometimes fear that your culture (company, boss, team, friends, significant other) won’t be on the same page for the road ahead
  • ​You constantly feel stuck having to choose between success and fulfillment
  • ​You’ve listened to the personal growth gurus but for some reason, you know there's still more
Now, Imagine...
You have the self-awareness to be present to all that life requires of you, your business, your vision, your family, and everything else that matters most. 

You feel a purpose that breeds an overwhelming sense of clarity, giving you the passion and drive that you thought was dead…propelling you into your future with new momentum toward your full potential.

Taking you to places in your career that are reserved for the 0.1%ers… 

Because achieving that level of success takes much more than being skilled.
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It takes internal focus.

The kind of disciplined mindfulness that drives external transformation and continuous change, so you never stop growing (Personally, Professionally, Financially, and the Impact you have on the world).

Imagine having, feeling, and living a life of true abundance.
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What Will You Discover?
A 3-Day Immersion designed to:

AMPLIFY and build trust with your Leadership Skillsets and Identity
INTEGRATE achievement & alignment practices into your daily routine to maximize your impact as a Leader
LEAD your Vision and Culture to the highest level imaginable... 
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Even if you're not in leadership, yet
What You Will Discover
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  • Clarify an Aligned Vision for your Results, Leadership and the People and Causes that matter most
  • Empower your Identity & Transform your Energy 
  • Practice and Learn Tools for deepening Emotional Intelligence, Relational Awareness for yourself and team
  • Master Influence and Leadership (regardless of what position you’re in)
  • Build Relationships with a Collective of Authentic, High Achieving, Heart-Centered Leaders committed to Making an Impact 
  • Passionately Pursue a record-breaking Level of Performance, with the tools and resources to support you along the way
** DISCLAIMER: This is not a conference. This is an experience that requires your full participation***
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We have lead many of our clients to:
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  • Become the #1 Performing Individual Contributor, Manager, and VP at their organization
  • Get promotions in timelines that seem improbable
  • Redefine and Redesign Company Culture to support what's needed in the future
  • Double, triple and even Quadruple their income
We hear over and over from our clients:
"The relationships we've built and the clarity to live an aligned, purpose-filled life far outweighs the material success we've received"
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But don't take our word for it...
Check out what our clients have to say:
Jennie Lok
 Real Estate Consultant @ Keller Williams Realty
While Working with Abundant:
Featured in Realtor Magazine
Class of 2019 30 under 30 Realtors  
"Everything was focused on work and making money. My life felt like Chaos! 
There was always another goal, deal or target to get, and none of them felt fulfilling. Before I came to my first event, I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  

I was excited to be around other successful people who are learning how to manage stress, while also being able to find that next level. 

After 6 months of working with Abundant, more than anything, I feel centered and have learned that I needed to fill my own cup first, if I want to make an impact.  

I know I’m going to make an impact and I don’t have to do it all today. Now I’m really appreciating and enjoying the journey."
Melanie Fellay
Founder, CEO @ Spekit

While Working with Abundant:
Sold Multiple Marquee Logos as CEO of  Spekit
Secured 7 Figures in Funding for Spekit 

"As a highly ambitious female... 

I’ve had a lot of assumptions about what being a female and successful needed to look like. 

After working with Abundant...

I feel my authenticity and vulnerability are my strengths and they are empowering me to live and lead my business in a way I didn't know was possible."
Rachel Amaro
Account Executive @ Microsoft 
While Working with Abundant:
Promoted from Sr Account Manager to Account Executive while working with Abundant
"Before Abundant, I was successful but I was grinding, working long, hard hours and pushing myself to a place of burnout. 

From the first event I attended, the walls and my guard came down and I got to see that I wasn’t the only one that who felt like they were struggling. 

The biggest thing I’ve gained is that where before massive change and chaos would have gotten me overwhelmed... 

I’m now able to stay calm while dealing with the biggest challenges I face."
Event Details
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

**Limited Space Available**
100% Money-Back Guarantee!
If you don't feel like you've gotten your money's worth by end of Day 1, you may return your materials to our staff and leave with a 100% ticket refund.
We believe:
Anything is possiblewith an aligned vision. 

Vision without alignment can lead us anywhere... 
even the places we never wanted to end up. 

Abundant leaders are specific with their vision, community, and values... so they can they can be ready for what life calls for next. 
All Images are from Experiences and Excursions we've created for our clients.
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